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Last updated on September 19, 2020

Blockchain is an emerging technology with the potential to disrupt traditional business models and revolutionize the way we do global business. According to LinkedIn, blockchain is the most in-demand hard skill of 2020. Top blockchain-recruiters include IBM, Oracle, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Amazon, and American Express.

An increasing number of universities across the world are offering blockchain courses, to meet the growing demand for blockchain skills.

Below you can search our regularly updated database of blockchain courses offered by accredited universities and colleges. This includes Financial Technology (FinTech) courses where part of the curriculum is focused on blockchain. We cover online blockchain courses, on-campus blockchain courses, and blended blockchain courses. Blended delivery combines online learning with traditional campus-based classroom teaching.

These blockchain courses range from free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), to executive programs and certificates aimed at business professionals, to traditional and online blockchain degrees. If you know of any additions, please let us know.

Blockchain Courses Database

Albany State UniversityNexus Blockchain with Data Analytics MinorCertificateCampusPaid
Albany State UniversityNexus Blockchain with Machine Learning MinorCertificateCampusPaid
Amity University OnlinePG Program in Blockchain ManagementCertificateOnlinePaid
Amity University OnlinePG Program in Blockchain Technology & Management CertificateOnlinePaid
Amity University, DubaiBlockchain Technology & Management DiplomaBlendedPaid
aSSIST UniversityAI Crypto MBADegreeCampusPaid
Austral UniversityBlockchain Disruption [Spanish]CourseOnlineFree or Paid
Bennett UniversityB.Tech CSE (Blockchain Specialization)DegreeCampusPaid
Chengdu University of Info TechBachelor of Blockchain Engineering [Chinese]DegreeCampusPaid
Chitkara UniversityB.E. CSE (Blockchain Specialization)DegreeCampusPaid
Chitkara UniversityBBA in FinTechDegreeCampusPaid
Columbia UniversityBlockchain, Cryptocurrencies & Digital Tokens DemystifiedCourseCampusPaid
Columbia UniversityBlockchain, Cryptocurrencies, AI, & Beyond [High School]CourseCampusPaid
Cornell UniversityBlockchain for BusinessCertificateOnlinePaid
Coventry UniversityMSc FinTechDegreeCampusPaid
Creighton UniversityBSc Business Administration (FinTech Major)DegreeCampusPaid
CT UniversityB.Tech Computer Science (Blockchain Specialization)DegreeCampusPaid
D'Annunzio University Master in Blockchain EconomyDegreeCampusPaid
Dalhousie UniversityCertificate in BlockchainCertificateOnlinePaid
Dalhousie UniversityFinTech: The Future of Financial ServicesCourseCampusPaid
Dongguk UniversityMaster's in Blockchain [Korean]DegreeCampusPaid
Dublin City UniversityMSc in Blockchain - Distributed Ledger TechnologiesDegreeBlendedPaid
Duke UniversityMaster of Engineering in FinTechDegreeCampusPaid
Duke UniversityBlockchain Applications MasterTrack™ CertificateCertificateOnlinePaid
Duke UniversityEntrepreneurial Finance: Strategy & Innovation SpecializationSpecializationOnlinePaid
Duke UniversityBlockchain Business ModelsCourseOnlineFree or Paid
Duke UniversityFinTech Law & PolicyCourseOnlineFree or Paid
ESADEInnovation in Finance: FinTech & Blockchain [Spanish]CertificateOnlinePaid
EU Business SchoolMBA in Blockchain ManagementDegreeOnline or CampusPaid
European University of MadridPostgraduate Diploma in Bitcoin & BlockchainDiplomaCampusPaid
Fordham UniversityMBA (FinTech Concentration)DegreeCampusPaid
Fordham UniversityMBA (Blockchain Concentration)DegreeCampusPaid
George Washington UniversityGW FinTech Boot CampCertificateCampusPaid
Georgia State UniversityBlockchain Strategy for Business LeadersCertificateCampusPaid
Harvard UniversityIntroduction to Blockchain & BitcoinCourseOnlinePaid
Harvard UniversityFinTechCertificateOnlinePaid
Hochschule MittweidaMSc Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies [Bilingual]DegreeCampusPaid
Hong Kong University of Science & TechFinTech: Industry Transformation & Regulation SpecializationSpecializationOnlinePaid
Hong Kong University of Science & TechFinTech Foundations & OverviewCourseOnlineFree or Paid
Hong Kong University of Science & TechFinTech Security & Regulation (RegTech)CourseOnlineFree or Paid
Hong Kong University of Science & TechFinTech Risk ManagementCourseOnlineFree or Paid
Hong Kong University of Science & TechFinTech Disruptive Innovation: Implications for SocietyCourseOnlineFree or Paid
IEBSMaster in Blockchain & FinTech [Spanish]DegreeOnlinePaid
IEBSPostgraduate Diploma in Blockchain [Spanish]DiplomaOnlinePaid
IIIT BangalorePG Diploma in Software Development - BlockchainDiplomaOnlinePaid
IIIT BangalorePG Certification in Blockchain TechnologyCertificateOnlinePaid
IIIT HyderabadBlockchain & Distributed Ledger TechnologiesCertificateBlendedPaid
IIITM KeralaAccelerated Blockchain Competency Development ProgramCertificateCampusPaid
IIITM KeralaCertified Blockchain AssociateCertificateCampusPaid
IIITM KeralaCertified Blockchain Business ProfessionalCertificateCampusPaid
IIITM KeralaCertified Ethereum DeveloperCertificateCampusPaid
IIITM KeralaCertified Hyperledger Developer (Fabric)CertificateCampusPaid
IIITM KeralaCertified Hyperledger Developer (Sawtooth)CertificateCampusPaid
IIITM KeralaCertified Corda DeveloperCertificateCampusPaid
IIITM KeralaCertified Blockchain ArchitectCertificateCampusPaid
IILM UniversityMBA FinTechDegreeCampusPaid
IIM CalcuttaAdvanced Program in FinTech and Financial BlockchainCertificateBlendedPaid
IIT KanpurIntroduction to Blockchain Technology & ApplicationsCertificateOnlineFree or Paid
IIT KharagpurBlockchain Architecture Design & Use CasesCertificateOnlineFree or Paid
IIT MadrasSoftware Engineering (Cloud, Blockchain & IoT)CertificateOnlinePaid
IMDDigital FinanceCourseCampusPaid
Imperial College LondonFintech - Innovative BankingCourseCampusPaid
Imperial College LondonMSc FinTechDegreeCampusPaid
IMT, GhaziabadBlockchain Technology ManagementCertificateOnlinePaid
Indian School of BusinessBlockchain & CryptocurrenciesCourseCampusPaid
INSEAD Business SchoolBlockchain Revolution SpecializationSpecializationOnlinePaid
INSEAD Business SchoolBlockchain Revolution in Financial Services SpecializationSpecializationOnlinePaid
INSEAD Business SchoolIntroduction to Blockchain TechnologiesCourseOnlineFree or Paid
INSEAD Business SchoolIntroduction to Blockchain for Financial ServicesCourseOnlineFree or Paid
INSEAD Business SchoolTransacting on the BlockchainCourseOnlineFree or Paid
INSEAD Business SchoolBlockchain, Cryptoassets, and Decentralized FutureCourseOnlineFree or Paid
INSEAD Business SchoolBlockchain & Business: Applications & ImplicationsCourseOnlineFree or Paid
INSEAD Business SchoolBlockchain Transformation of Financial ServicesCourseOnlineFree or Paid
INSEAD Business SchoolBlockchain Opportunity AnalysisCourseOnlineFree or Paid
INSEAD Business SchoolBlockchain in Financial Services: Strategic Action PlanCourseOnlineFree or Paid
International University of La RiojaBlockchain Application Development [Spanish]CertificateOnlinePaid
International University of La RiojaBlockchain Applied to Business [Spanish]CourseOnlinePaid
Jefferson UniversityBlockchain for Health Care Graduate CertificateCertificateOnlinePaid
Korea UniversityBlockchain Strategy Professional Management ProgramCertificateCampusPaid
Liverpool John Moores UniversityMSc in Computer Science - Blockchain SpecializationDegreeOnlinePaid
London School of EconomicsCryptocurrency & DisruptionCertificateOnlinePaid
London School of EconomicsBlockchain for BusinessCertificateCampusPaid
Loyola Marymount UniversityBlockchain Foundations & FrameworksCourseOnlinePaid
Loyola Marymount UniversityBlockchain & IndustryCourseOnlinePaid
Loyola Marymount UniversityBlockchain CasesCourseOnlinePaid
Manchester Metropolitan UniversityMSc Financial TechnologyDegreeCampusPaid
Miguel de Cervantes European UniversityMaster in Applied Blockchain [Spanish]DegreeOnlinePaid
MITDigital TransformationCertificateOnlinePaid
MITBlockchain Technologies: Business Innovation & ApplicationCourseOnlinePaid
MITBlockchain EthicsCourseOnlineFree
Montpellier Business SchoolMSc in Finance (Specialization in Innovative Finance)DegreeCampusPaid
Moscow Institute of Physics & TechIntroduction to Blockchain Technology [Russian]CourseOnlineFree or Paid
Moscow Institute of Physics & TechMaster in BlockchainDegreeCampusPaid
Nanyang Technological UniversityMSc in FinTechDegreeCampusPaid
National University of SingaporeIntroduction to Blockchain & DLT for ExecutivesCertificateCampusPaid
National University of SingaporeLeveraging FinTech for BusinessCourseCampusPaid
New York UniversityMBA in General Management (FinTech Specialization)DegreeCampusPaid
New York UniversityFinTech for Execs: Understanding & Managing InnovationCertificateCampusPaid
New York UniversityCryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, & the BlockchainCourseCampusPaid
New York UniversityBlockchain in SportsCourseCampusPaid
Ngee Ann PolytechnicAround FinTech in 8 HoursCourseOnlinePaid
Northeastern UniversityMS Information Systems (Blockchain Specialization)DegreeCampusPaid
Peking UniversityBlockchain & Digital Finance [Chinese]CertificateCampusPaid
Polytechnic University of MilanInternational Master in FinTech, Finance & Digital InnovationDegreeCampusPaid
Pontifical Xavierian UniversityBlockchain Technology Fundamentals [Spanish]CourseOnlineFree or Paid
Portland State UniversityBusiness Blockchain CertificateCertificateOnlinePaid
Portland State UniversityBusiness Blockchain Graduate CertificateCertificateOnlinePaid
POSTECHPOSTECH Blockchain Executive ProgramCertificateCampusPaid
Princeton UniversityBitcoin & Cryptocurrency TechnologiesCourseOnlineFree
Rice UniversityFinTech Boot CampCourseCampusPaid
RMIT UniversityDeveloping Blockchain StrategyCourseOnlinePaid
RMIT UniversityDeveloping Blockchain ApplicationsCourseOnlinePaid
RMIT UniversityDesigning Blockchain SolutionsCourseOnlinePaid
RMIT UniversityGraduate Certificate in Emerging Technologies & LawCertificateOnlinePaid
RMIT UniversityGraduate Certificate in Blockchain Enabled BusinessCertificateOnlinePaid
Rutgers UniversityNew Technologies for Business LeadersCourseOnlineFree or Paid
Ryerson UniversityBlockchain Regulation and GovernanceCourseCampusPaid
Sharda UniversityB.Tech CSE (Blockchain)DegreeCampusPaid
Singapore Management UniversityBlockchain: Embarking on the JourneyCourseCampusPaid
Singapore Management UniversitySMU Certified Blockchain DeveloperCertificateCampusPaid
Singapore Management UniversityPlanning & Prototyping a Blockchain SystemCourseCampusPaid
Singapore Management UniversityBusiness Implications of Blockchain TechnologyCertificateCampusPaid
Singapore Management UniversityHands-on Practical Applications of BlockchainCourseCampusPaid
Singapore Management UniversityDigital Assets & Blockchain TechnologyCourseCampusPaid
Singapore Management UniversityIntroduction to Digital Assets & CryptocurrenciesCourseCampusPaid
Singapore Management UniversityBlockchain & Smart ContractsCourseCampusPaid
Singapore PolytechnicFinTech - Blockchain (Beginners)CertificateCampusPaid
Singapore PolytechnicFinTech Fundamentals ProgramCertificateCampusPaid
Singapore PolytechnicFinTech - Blockchain (Intermediate)CertificateCampusPaid
Singapore University of Social SciencesGraduate Certificate in FinTechCertificateCampusPaid
Singapore University of Social SciencesGraduate Diploma in FinTechDiplomaCampusPaid
Singapore University of Social SciencesMaster of FinanceDegreeCampusPaid
Sogang UniversityMaster's in Blockchain [Korean]DegreeCampusPaid
SP Jain School of Global ManagementProfessional Certificate in FinTechCertificateOnlinePaid
St Petersburg State UniversitySoftware Development Using NEO Blockchain TechnologyCertificateCampusPaid
Stanford UniversityCryptocurrencies & Blockchain TechnologiesCourseOnlinePaid
Strathmore UniversityDLBRT Blockchain for BusinessCertificateCampusPaid
SUPSICertificate of Advanced Studies in BlockchainCertificateCampusPaid
SUPSICertificate of Advanced Studies in FinTechCertificateCampusPaid
Swinburne University of TechnologyGraduate Certificate of Financial TechnologiesCertificateCampusPaid
Swinburne University of TechnologyMaster of Financial TechnologiesDegreeCampusPaid
Swinburne University of TechnologyMaster of Financial Technologies (Advanced)DegreeCampusPaid
Tsinghua UniversityBlockchain Industry & Applications [Chinese]CourseCampusPaid
Tsinghua UniversityBelt & Road FinTech Advanced ProgramCourseCampusPaid
UC BerkeleyBlockchain Fundamentals Professional CertificateCertificateOnlinePaid
UC BerkeleyBitcoin & CryptocurrenciesCourseOnlineFree or Paid
UC BerkeleyBlockchain TechnologyCourseOnlineFree or Paid
UC IrvineBlockchain SpecializationSpecializationOnlinePaid
UC IrvineThe BlockchainCourseOnlineFree or Paid
UC IrvineCryptography and Hashing OverviewCourseOnlineFree or Paid
UC IrvineThe Merkle Tree and CryptocurrenciesCourseOnlineFree or Paid
UC IrvineThe Blockchain SystemCourseOnlineFree or Paid
UCLAIntroduction to Blockchain for Business: Security TokensCourseCampusPaid
UCLABlockchain Business ApplicationsCourseCampusPaid
Università della Svizzera italianaMaster in FinTech & ComputingDegreeCampusPaid
University at SUNY - BuffaloBlockchain Specialization
University at SUNY - BuffaloBlockchain BasicsCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University at SUNY - BuffaloSmart ContractsCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University at SUNY - BuffaloDecentralized Applications (Dapps)CourseOnlineFree or Paid
University at SUNY - BuffaloBlockchain PlatformsCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University College LondonBlockchain Executive Evening Education ProgramCertificateOnlinePaid
University College LondonBlockchain Executive Summer/Winter SchoolCertificateCampusPaid
University College LondonUnderstanding Blockchain & Distributed Ledger TechnologyCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University of AlcaláMaster in Blockchain, Smart Contracts & CryptoEconomy [Spanish]DegreeBlendedPaid
University of AmsterdamFinTech & Blockchain MasterclassCertificateCampusPaid
University of AmsterdamFintech: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & Smart ContractsCourseCampusPaid
University of AmsterdamApplied BlockchainCourseCampusPaid
University of ArkansasBSBA in Information Systems with Blockchain ConcentrationDegreeCampusPaid
University of ArkansasMaster of Information Systems (Blockchain Concentration)DegreeCampusPaid
University of ArkansasProfessional Master of Information Systems (Blockchain Concentration)DegreeBlendedPaid
University of ArkansasBlockchain Enterprise Systems Graduate CertificateCertificateBlendedPaid
University of Barcelona (Zigurat BS)Global Master's in Blockchain TechnologiesDegreeOnlinePaid
University of BolognaMaster in Finance and FinTechDegreeCampusPaid
University of British ColumbiaBlockchain: Applications and Disruptive OpportunitiesCourseCampusPaid
University of Cape TownMPhil specializing in FinTechDegreeCampusPaid
University of Cape TownFinTech: Disruption in FinanceCertificateOnlinePaid
University of Cape TownFinTech Startups in Emerging Markets SpecializationSpecializationOnlinePaid
University of Cape TownFinancial Regulation and FinTech CompaniesCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University of Cape TownEntrepreneurs in Emerging Markets & Blockchain TechnologyCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University of Cape TownBuilding FinTech Startups in Emerging MarketsCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University of Cape TownStart Up Your FinTech FutureCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University of CumbriaSustainable ExchangeCertificateCampusPaid
University of GenevaCertificate of Advanced Studies Blockchain & DLTCertificateOnline or CampusPaid
University of GibraltarBlockchain and Smart ContractsCertificateCampusPaid
University of Hong KongFinTech Professional CertificateCertificateOnlinePaid
University of Hong KongIntroduction to FinTechCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University of Hong KongFinTech Ethics & RisksCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University of Hong KongBlockchain & FinTech: Basics, Applications, & LimitationsCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University of HuddersfieldMSc FinTechDegreeCampusPaid
University of HuddersfieldMSc FinTech (Professional Practice)DegreeCampusPaid
University of LiechtensteinBlockchain and FinTech [German]CertificateCampusPaid
University of MaltaMSc Blockchain & DLT (Business & Finance)DegreeCampusPaid
University of MaltaMSc Blockchain & DLT (Law & Regulation)DegreeCampusPaid
University of MaltaMSc Blockchain & DLT (ICT)DegreeCampusPaid
University of MichiganFinTech Innovations SpecializationSpecializationOnlinePaid
University of MichiganBlockchain & Cryptocurrency ExplainedCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University of MinnesotaIT Infrastructure & Emerging TrendsCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University of MumbaiMaster's in FinTechDegreeCampusPaid
University of New HampshireBlockchain, Cryptocurrency and LawCertificateOnlinePaid
University of NicosiaMaster's in Digital CurrencyDegreeOnlinePaid
University of NicosiaIntroduction to Digital CurrenciesCourseOnlineFree
University of NicosiaBlockchain Financial Analyst CertificationCertificateOnlinePaid
University of NicosiaBlockchain Business Analyst CertificationCertificateOnlinePaid
University of NicosiaBlockchain Developer CertificationCertificateOnlinePaid
University of OxfordOxford Blockchain Strategy ProgramCertificateOnlinePaid
University of OxfordBlockchain Software EngineeringCertificateCampusPaid
University of PalermoBlockchain Development Executive Program [Spanish]CourseCampusPaid
University of PennsylvaniaFoundations & Applications of FinTech SpecializationSpecializationOnlinePaid
University of PennsylvaniaCryptocurrency & Blockchain: An Intro to Digital CurrenciesCourseOnlineFree or Paid
University of Petroleum & Energy StudiesB.Tech CSE (Blockchain Technology)DegreeCampusPaid
University of ReadingMSc Finance & FinTechDegreeCampusPaid
University of South FloridaFinTech Certificate ProgramCertificateCampusPaid
University of StirlingMSc Financial TechnologyDegreeCampusPaid
University of StrathclydeMS Financial TechnologyDegreeCampusPaid
University of SussexMSc Fintech, Risk & Investment AnalysisDegreeCampusPaid
University of SussexBSc FinTechDegreeCampusPaid
University of Technology SydneyGet Ready for BlockchainCourseOnlineFree
University of the Basque CountryMSc in Blockchain Technology & Cryptoeconomy [Spanish]DegreeCampusPaid
University of the CumberlandsExecutive MSc in Global Business with Blockchain TechnologyDegreeBlendedPaid
University of the CumberlandsMSc in Global Business with Blockchain TechnologyDegreeOnlinePaid
University of the West of England MSc FinTechDegreeCampusPaid
University of TorontoFinTech Boot CampCertificateCampusPaid
University of ZurichDeep Dive into BlockchainCourseOnlinePaid
University of ZurichCertificate of Advanced Studies in BlockchainCertificateCampusPaid
Various RTOsAdvanced Diploma of Applied BlockchainDiplomaOnline or CampusPaid
Various RTOsDiploma of Applied BlockchainDiplomaOnline or CampusPaid
Wayne State UniversityBlockchain: Cutting-Edge Data ManagementCertificateOnlinePaid
York UniversityCertified Full Stack Blockchain DeveloperCertificateOnline or CampusPaid
York UniversityMaster Certificate in Blockchain (Business Track)CertificateCampusPaid
York UniversityMaster Certificate in Blockchain (Technical Track)CertificateOnline or CampusPaid
York UniversityCertificate in Blockchain DevelopmentCertificateOnlinePaid
York UniversityPost-Graduate Certificate in Back-End & Blockchain DevelopmentCertificateOnlinePaid
Zigurat Business SchoolBlockchain EssentialsCourseOnlineFree

Free Online Blockchain Courses

Whether you’re new to blockchain or have some familiarity with it, you can study the basics of blockchain from the comfort of your own home, for free. A small number of universities offer free introductory online blockchain courses, including:

  • The University of Technology Sydney offers a free online blockchain taster course. Get Ready for Blockchain explores how blockchain technology can offer solutions for a range of issues across different industries. The course is self-paced and can be started anytime.
  • Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School offers a free online course called Blockchain Essentials. The introductory course is part of the first module of the Global Master’s in Blockchain Technologies degree program, accredited by the University of Barcelona. Students receive six video classes on a weekly basis, and a certificate upon completion.
  • Princeton University offers a free online course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies. The introductory 11-week course is taught by Arvind Narayanan, an Associate Professor of Computer Science and co-author of a seminal textbook on cryptocurrency technologies.
  • The University of Nicosia offers the first course of its MSc in Digital Currency degree program as a free MOOC. The Introduction to Digital Currencies course provides an introductory overview of decentralized blockchain-based digital currencies. It is co-taught by leading Bitcoin expert Andreas Antonopoulos and dynamic UNIC CEO Antonis Polemitis. There are two cohorts a year (Fall and Spring).

Many more online blockchain courses are available free to audit, meaning you can access the course materials for free but must pay to receive graded assignments or receive a certificate.

Free to Audit Online Blockchain Courses

Coursera and edX are two of the leading online learning platforms for higher education, home to over 75 million learners. Both were founded in 2012 – Coursera by two Stanford University professors and edX by Harvard University and MIT. Top universities from around the world now partner with them to offer 100% online blockchain courses.

Most courses offered through these platforms are free to audit – allowing you to access course videos, lectures, readings, ungraded assignments, and to participate in discussion forums. However, if you want to access graded assignments and receive a shareable certificate (upon completion), you will need to pay. These programs are therefore listed as ‘Free or Paid’ in our Blockchain Courses Database.

Coursera Online Blockchain Courses

To take a course for free with Coursera, you need to select the ‘Audit the course’ option when enrolling. Alternatively, prices start at about $39 per course. Upon payment, students have 180 days in which to complete the course and earn a Course Certificate. If you audit the course you can choose to upgrade to the paid version – and earn a Course Certificate – at any time.

Coursera also offers Specializations, comprising a number of individual courses. Fees start at $39 per month, with access granted to all courses in the Specialization. Upon completion of each of the required Course Certificates, students are also awarded a Specialization Certificate. Students who cannot afford to pay for a Course Certificate or Specialization Certificate can apply for financial aid or a scholarship.

Universities offering online blockchain courses through Coursera include:

  • The University of Pennsylvania offers an introductory online course on Cryptocurrency & Blockchain as part of its FinTech Specialization. The course provides students with an understanding of cryptocurrency, the intricacies of blockchain technology, and a strategy for incorporating cryptocurrency into investment plans.
  • Duke University offers an online course on Blockchain Business Models as part of its Entrepreneurial Finance Specialization. The course examines various blockchain technologies and the business situations in which they can be deployed, as well as the risks in doing so. Duke also offers a course on FinTech Law & Policy, which looks at the legal, regulatory, and policy issues associated with cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings.

EdX Online Blockchain Courses

To take a course for free with edX, you need to select the ‘Audit This Course’ option when enrolling. Alternatively, select ‘Pursue the Verified Track’ if you want to include unlimited course access, graded assignments, and a verified certificate. Fees for the verified track are typically between $50 and $300 per course. Financial assistance (up to 90%) is available to students who cannot afford to pay full price. You can also choose to start a course in the audit track and upgrade to the verified track later.

Similar to Coursera’s Specializations, edX offers Professional Certificate programs made up of a number of individual courses.  Students are awarded a professional certificate once they have earned a verified certificate for each course in the program.

Universities offering online blockchain courses through edX include:

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    RTOs offering the course include:

    Sero Institute – Gold Coast, Australia
    and Brisbane, Australia
    Icollege – Perth, Australia.
    Barrington college – Gold Coast, Australia

    There are also 6 more colleges coming online in the next couple months

    National Institute of Education and Training (NIET)- Brisbane, Australia and Hobart, Australia
    Rhodes Business School – Brisbane, Australia
    Charlton Brown – Brisbane, Australia
    Pacific Training Group – Sydney, Australia and Gold Coast, Australia
    Kingston International college – SYdney, Australia
    Universal Learning Group – Melbourne, Australia

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