Blockchain Technical Tips Unveiling Kabosu’s Statue: NFT Community’s Tribute in Sakura, Japan


9 months ago

Unveiling Kabosu’s Statue: NFT Community’s Tribute in Sakura, Japan

The Collaborative Effort

In an unprecedented collaboration between a dedicated NFT community and local authorities, a statue paying homage to Kabosu, the real-life Shiba Inu behind the iconic ‘Doge’ meme, is set to be unveiled on November 2nd in Sakura, Japan.

This joint endeavor is a testament to the enduring influence of Internet culture and highlights the power of community-driven initiatives. The NFT community, known as PleasrDAO, has been at the forefront of preserving and celebrating the legacy of the Doge meme, which has become a symbol of the broader cryptocurrency movement.

A Birthday Celebration

The unveiling ceremony is scheduled for Kabosu’s birthday, adding a heartwarming and personal touch. The collaboration between the NFT community and the City of Sakura demonstrates the widespread impact of digital phenomena on real-world cultural and artistic expressions.

Sakura Furusato Square, chosen as the location for the statue, holds special significance as it’s where Kabosu and her owner frequently enjoy leisurely walks. This connection to the local community enhances the authenticity and relatability of the project.

Doge NFT

From Memes to the Moon

Enthusiasts of Kabosu, who played a pivotal role in inspiring the Doge meme and, subsequently, Dogecoin, passionately rallied last year to fund the statue’s creation. Interestingly, their ambitions go beyond Earthly confines, with dreams of eventually placing the statue on the moon.

This audacious goal not only captures the imaginative spirit of the crypto community but also underscores the global and borderless nature of the digital culture that Kabosu’s image has come to symbolize.

PleasrDAO’s Initiatives

Behind this initiative is PleasrDAO, the NFT community that owns the original ‘Doge’ meme. Operational for over two years, PleasrDAO has orchestrated various ventures, including sending the Doge NFT on a SpaceX mission to the moon. Their overarching goal is establishing themselves as the primary online gathering place for the Doge and meme community.

This collective effort represents a shift in how online communities engage with and contribute to the broader cultural landscape. The influence of these communities extends beyond digital spaces, leaving an indelible mark on physical locations, events, and, in this case, a statue dedicated to an iconic meme.